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Micro Sigma Tandem, complete rig, main canopy only 200 jumps !

: wt 03 gru 2019, 21:51
autor: skydiverek

Complete Micro Sigma Tandem rig for sale !

Micro Sigma container:
DOM 08.2014
1300 jumps

Aerodyne A2 350 main:
DOM 05.2019
200 jumps

VTC-2R VR-360 reserve:
DOM 03.2014
2 jumps, 7 repacks

Cypres Tandem AAD:
DOM 08.2014
4-year check done.

Passenger harness included.

Additional details:

Drogue has only 300 jumps.
Never packed wet.
Always packed indoors, on the carpet.
Always landed on grass.
Well cared for.
Price is negotiable.

Photos attached, disable AdBlock and refresh the page if you cannot see them.

I air ship world-wide. Takes approx 15 calendar days worldwide.

Email me at:

Price: $11 900 (negotiable).